From Lambda Literary:

“Confucius Jane is a chronicle about redefining family and characterizing it beyond blood relations or race. It’s a tale about the potential to realize big dreams while overcoming the impossible to find true love and family in a world that would rather isolate and compartmentalize people. Most of all, it is an engaging, satisfying read.”  (Read more)


From The Lesbian Review:

“Confucius Jane is very well written, but that doesn’t surprise me. This might be her first book under her given name, but Katie Lynch has published a bunch of excellent books already as Nell Stark, and I particularly love her princess books. This book feels different from anything I’ve read from her before, and I think it’s because Chinatown stands out almost as its own character in the book, with a touch of magic realism that works very well.”  (Read more)


From Romance Times…

“Lynch’s debut is a thoroughly charming and refreshingly confident story about forging your own path to home and family — however you define them. Her gentle humor buoys the narrative, even through the most difficult scenes, and her vibrant, wholly unique characters are a joy to meet and discover. While this is largely a journey of self-discovery, the love story between these two brave and devoted heroines is brilliantly described and touchingly portrayed. One can only hope that Lynch has more stories to share, because it is certain that this novel will win her a number of devoted fans…”   (Read more)


From the Peabody Institute Library…

“This book crossed my path wholly by happenstance, but swiftly became one of those books that makes you want to tap the shoulder of random strangers and tell them they look grumpy and should read this book.  Katie Lynch has a real gift for creating atmosphere and capturing the utter inanities and oddities that make families real and whole, and tells this story with genuine empathy and insight that makes it as touching as it is quirky and fun…”   (Read more)


From Publisher’s Weekly

“In this charming debut, which straddles the line between romance and women’s fiction, two women attempt to juggle life, love, and their careers…”   (Read more) 


From Booklist

“…Lynch creates an unconventional and likable heroine in Jane. And while it’s obvious that the two women will end up together, the story of how they find their way back to each other is sweet and compelling.”