Author Copies!

Happy Friday! My author copies of Confucius Jane arrived today, and I’m over the moon! I’m so grateful to everyone at Tor/Forge who contributed to the creation of both the cover and the “guts” of the book. 🙂

Confucius Jane author copies

Confucius Jane is an RT Top Pick!

Confucius Jane has been selected by Romantic Times Book Review as a “top pick” for January 2016! Here’s what reviewer Bridget Keown had to say:

“Lynch’s debut is a thoroughly charming and refreshingly confident story about forging your own path to home and family — however you define them. Her gentle humor buoys the narrative, even through the most difficult scenes, and her vibrant, wholly unique characters are a joy to meet and discover. While this is largely a journey of self-discovery, the love story between these two brave and devoted heroines is brilliantly described and touchingly portrayed. One can only hope that Lynch has more stories to share, because it is certain that this novel will win her a number of devoted fans.”

A Pilgrimage

I have very clear memories of the day after eighth grade when I first opened The Eye of World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Instantly, I was hooked. I read it all day, with reluctant breaks for meals. In fact, wheTor-Logo1n my mother summoned me downstairs to set the dinner table, I tried to get out of the chore by arguing that I was far too engrossed in Jordan’s fantasy landscape and vibrant characters. Needless to say, my argument fell flat!

That summer, I tore my way through all the available WoT books and then fretted over the time required to wait until the next installment. I read and reread each novel, until their spines were well-creased. On those spines was Tor’s telltale logo: the mountain peak that promised vistas of fantastical lands and adventures beyond the scope of banal reality.

So, you can only imagine my delight when I learned that my novel, Confucius Jane, had been purchased by Tor and would be released under the Forge imprint in January of 2016. To say I was ecstatic might be aimage2n understatement!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Tor/Forge’s headquarters in the historic Flatiron building in New York City. I pass the Flatiron building somewhat regularly–especially on the way to Shake Shack–and had always admired it. But now, I was granted the insider’s perspective. My wonderful editor, Kristin Sevick, shepherded me around the office and introduced to me to everyone in sight. They were cordial and congratulatory, and I felt immediately at home. One of the day’s high points was meeting Tom Doherty, Tor’s founder, who insisted that I come behind his desk to take in his view. His office at the prow of the Flatiron commands an impressive perspective, looking out over Madison Square with a clear line of sight all the way up to Central Park.

But like all mountaintop experiences, my visit drew to a close. When I found myself alone in the elevator, I couldn’t resist indulgently snapping a selfie. My dazed and exhilarated smile sums up exactly how I feel about my good fortune to be working with the excellent team at Tor/Forge.